Vitamins, Supplements & Liniments

Vitamins, Supplements & Liniments

13 January 2017 by Caitlin Armit

Vitamins, Supplements & Liniments

Fusion Acupuncture stocks a variety of health products to help you achieve your health goals. These include vitamins & supplements, probiotics, topical herbal liniments, adhesive herbal heat patches and skin products. Examples of some of the brands we stock include Bioceuticals, Metagenics, Orthoplex, Emily Skin Soothers, Zen herbal liniment/gel, Salonpas, Po Sum On, and Perfect Potion. Some of these products are kept in stock regularly and others we can order in specifically for you. Patients often have an opportunity to try the topical herbal liniments, adhesive heat patches and skin products as part of their acupuncture treatment. We are more than happy to do patch tests on your skin if you have sensitivities or allergic reactions to some products.

Many products are supplied through a company called where you can fill a prescription online and have them delivered to your address. This will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment, once we have completed a consultation. Over the years, we have found this to be the most efficient, waste-free and convenient prescription method for both practitioners and patients.

Our practitioners are committed to providing you with the most relevant products for your needs rather than prescribing to one particular brand for vitamins and supplements. We regularly undergo training to ensure that our knowledge is current and thorough.

At Fusion Acupuncture, we are happy to work with other practitioners such as Nutritionists, Dieticians, Naturopaths, Homeopaths and Physical Therapists to help you choose products which work for you. We encourage communication between practitioners where you give us consent to discuss your treatment needs, and if your health issues are complicated or warrant further investigation, we will not overstep our clinical experience and area of expertise.


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