Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful Sleep

Most people have experienced feeling exhausted from lack of sleep at least once in their life. Poor sleep quality or insufficient hours of sleep can have a detrimental effect on work performance, personal relationships, self esteem, energy and general health. When sleep is less than optimal, people have a tendency to become anxious or worried about sleep, which then worsens the problem and contributes to other health issues.

Acupuncture treatments may help you to:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Stay asleep through the night
  • Regulate your body temperature at night
  • Improve your breathing while you sleep
  • Reduce the number of night time bathroom trips
  • Reduce the frequency of dreams & nightmares
  • Wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep treatments may be particularly useful for people who:

  • Have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea or insomnia
  • Have high stress levels
  • Are going through menopause
  • Experience frequent night time urination
  • Have low energy during the day
  • Travel frequently.

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